How much do you charge for your cakes?

Celebration cakes are priced per serving. Single tier and multiple tiered cake designs start at $5 per serving. Pricing may vary depending on the complexity of the design and difficulty of execution. Minimum cake orders start at $125.

Wedding cakes are priced per serving. Tiered wedding cakes start at $6 per serving. Price may vary depending on complexity of the design and difficulty of execution. Minimum wedding cake orders start at $700.

Please refer to the Cake Order Info or Wedding Cake Info section for more details.

I want to order a cake but I’m afraid it’s out of my budget. Do you have options that would work within what I can spend?

This is a very common question. I can accommodate most budgets. Custom cakes can be very expensive and are an investment. They do take a lot of planning and time to make. Even a very simple cake can take up to 10 hours to complete. They are not the kind of cakes you find at a grocery store. They are the kind of cakes you order for very special and memorable occasions. As a cake artist I want to ensure that you are getting the very best for your money. I only use quality ingredients and supplies for all my cakes.

Every now and then I get clients that tell me they want a cake that feeds more than what they can afford. In these cases I let them know how big of a cake I can make for them that work’s within their budget. Sometimes they’re fine with feeding less and others I leave it up to them to revise their guest list or up their budget a bit.

Are all of your cakes made from scratch?

Yes! I only use quality ingredients, organic eggs, real butter, quality chocolate and the best seasonal fresh produce available. It really makes a big difference in taste. My cakes are always made fresh and never frozen.

Do you deliver? And if so, do you charge a fee?

A fee is applies for all deliveries. The fee varies depending on location.

Do you make other desserts besides cake?

I do offer a few desserts other than cake. Please send me a request for more information.

Do you offer gluten free cakes or have cake options for those who have food allergies?

Unfortunately I do not offer gluten free cakes. That is something I’m still looking into. Hopefully in the near future I will have some gluten free cake options available.

I have a nut allergy, would it be safe to consume your cakes?

If you or someone you know of with severe food/nut allergies, please be cautious if you decide to consume one of my cakes. I make sure that my work area is extremely clean and that there are no traces of nuts of any kind before I begin baking or working on another cake. But some ingredients or machinery may come in contact with nuts and/or food allergens that I’m not aware of.

I have a picture of a cake I saw that I really love and don’t want to change anything about it. Would you be able to replicate the exact design?

Pictures are great to use for inspiration. Your favorite elements from the cake you love can be incorporated in the design. As a cake artist it’s my job to create a cake that reflects who you are and your vision for your special event. Copying another cake artist’s work really doesn’t allow me to create a custom unique piece that can be remembered for years to come. It just shows that I can copy someone else’s hard work, which in the cake industry can be frowned upon.

Do you ship cakes to other states?

No I do not. It’s just way to expensive and there is no guarantee that your cake will show up in one piece, no matter how well I put it together. I only serve Northern Virginia and Washington D.C.

How far in advance should I book my order?

I only take on a limited amount of cake orders at this time. I require 3 weeks or more in advance for celebration cake orders and 4-12 months for wedding cakes. This will allow enough time to discuss designing options and ensure a quality product.

Where are you located?

I’m located in Northern Virginia Woodbridge area.

Do you use fresh flowers on cakes?

I only use sugar flowers on my cakes. I make all of mine by hand. Not only are they a lot safer, they are flowers you can keep as keepsake after they’ve been removed from the cake. Your guests will be wowed by the realistic look of sugar flowers and appreciate the artistry that goes into them.

Though fresh flowers look beautiful on cakes, a lot of them are poisonous and can be harmful to your health. Plus many fresh flowers are not properly cleaned and cared for by many florists. So a lot of them carry dirt and pesticides, which can leave a bad taste in your mouth if they are inserted directly into a cake. They are better as table decorations than on your cake.

For more information regarding why fresh flower are unsafe for cake, please click here.